Designed for unlimited team members, Workplace gives your remote workers the choice to work on or offline. Do you have multiple teams, each working on a different project? Each one can have their own space for their notes,  files and any documents or discussions that go along with them. Free download for Windows, Mac and Linux.





With social media integration, contact information management, calendar and event planning, file sharing and storage, OfficeMedium can be the one central collaboration tool that all of your virtual employees use for their projects. It does come at a price (with a 30-day free trial) that is reasonable for most remote teams due to it’s convenience, efficiency and one-tool-fits-all ability. Pictured below is the shared blog function. Compatible with all operating systems.





Does your team integrate social media, blogging and wiki workspaces into their daily tasks? Socialtext adds all three plus mobile availability.  One of the advantages that Socialtext has over other collaboration tools is its customization functions. These are put in place so only members of the team who are on a certain project will receive updates, email and notes that pertain to it. This cuts down drastically on email overload, one of the most frustrating things for those who work remotely.





HyperOffice offers a well rounded group of collaboration tools including web based email, calendars, document manager and forms. Compatible with mobile devices, PC and Mac, there are available add-ons that can extend your virtual reach with audio/video conferencing and email campaigns.  Intranet, extranet and online access make it a flexible addition for your team’s tool box. Choose only what your team needs as it is useful for in office and on the road.


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