1. Realize at the outset that each person’s idea of the perfect lifestyle is different. While some relish the thought of working from a home office and merging it with their home life, others dream of becoming the eternal nomad, always working from a different location, while travelling the world. Follow your own path and create your own life, on your own terms, not a version seen through the eyes of another.
  2. There will be work, lots of it. Be ready to roll up your sleeves, be productive and set goals for yourself. Know where you want to be in six months, one year, five years…sit down and make that plan that will include your home office in your home. Your goal should be to have a life that allows you to work at your highest level while still leaving lots of time for needed recreation. Make it interesting, your work doesn’t have to be a bore and seem like work.
  3. What do you enjoy doing and how are you going to make your business fit in with the things you love to do and the people you love to spend time with? It shouldn’t be the other way around, so that business comes first and pleasure and relationships are an afterthought. Without life’s enjoyments and time spent with your friends and family, the excitement of building your business and the motivation to continue will shrivel like the proverbial autumn leaf.
  4. Outsource. There are others that can do some things much, much better than you will ever be able to do them. (yes, there are!) Pick the one or two things that you excel at, that you know you would find a hard time finding someone else who could do better. Concentrate your time and efforts on those and hire a virtual professional for the rest. The lack of worry over a job less than well done is worth its weight in gold.
  5. Know your limits. Your professional limits as well as your physical limits. Pushing yourself to exhaustion will not only leave you physically depleted but will affect your judgement. Treat yourself well and everything else will fall into place.
    To the art of working well a civilized race would add that art of playing well. ~ George Santayana (Little Essays)

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