Now that you have prioritized your time and delegated tasks, it’s time to learn how to block your time to be more efficient. This will help immensely if you are working on multiple projects.

Depending on the project/job you are working on you will need to decide what amount of time for blocking that will work best for you. You can block time hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc. If you have prioritized your tasks you will know how much time you should block for each job.  Be concise! Don’t forget to block your personal time as well. This is as important as your work time. Each of us needs that time away to rejuvenate and relax!

It will take practice to make this system successful. When first starting out you may want to begin with smaller time increments, for example, 15 minutes or a half an hour. Using a good calendar system or even an egg timer for a reminder is essential to know when it is time to move on to your next priority.

egg timer by unclefuz (flickr)

Blocking time will become habitual as time goes on and you will start to notice that your own life will start to change. You will find yourself more focused on tasks for a concentrated time, therefore more productive during those specific time blocks. Ultimately, freeing up more personal time!

A great virtual assistant team will be immensely helpful in helping you manage your time or calendar system.

TIP OF THE WEEK ~ Block Your Time!

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