Coaches provide great information in almost every field imaginable, but who do they go to when they need help themselves and how did they learn to coach others?

Coaches learn to maximize their  potential in order to help you in your business. We all become better when we learn from the best. Coaches that work with a mentor find that this helps them focus on their success and dedication to others. It provides them with the knowledge that they are seeking in order to nurture others in their business and life.

Coaches have to learn somewhere and they save time by learning from the pros. They can then pass this wisdom on to their clients. They learn the processes and steps which are necessary to make their goals and therefore your goals, a reality. They learn to perceive the changing needs of their clients and understand the fine balance that is needed in order to grow a business and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Each coach is unique and their ability to help you change your life and create the business of your dreams depends a lot on who they learn from. A good business coach will have a solid background in business and marketing. They will also know how to delegate because they want YOU to do the work, they don’t want to do it for you.

They will  be professional and have experience in running a business. This is how they learned to coach others, by first creating their own business and then teaching their employees. They will have experience in managing teams or groups, whether in business, sports or the community. All of this is hands on experience that gives them the ability to teach you and this is where they originally met those who were either their coaches or mentors.

When a coach needs coaching in their own business or life, they know from experience to access those with more wisdom in the area they need help with. Many coaches belong to chambers of commerce and other city or town organizations that offer them the opportunity to meet a large group of people with varied skills and experience. This provides them with an ongoing and ever changing network that they can discuss their needs with and also provide services to.

In this way, coaches are always learning and because of this, are able to pass their knowledge on to you. The potential for growth in your business expands with your experience and you become the expert in your field.

“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” ~ Vince Lombardi

So, who IS coaching you?  How do you make a business out of your million dollar vision?
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