succeedSuccessful people just seem to have that something extra. We look at them, wonder what is it they have that we don’t and they come up in our conversations frequently. What is it that they do differently?

They have the ability to keep their emotions under control and stay calm. The most successful people in all professions, including business owners, rate high in emotional intelligence. Their self worth comes from what they think of themselves. They refuse to react in a negative way when hearing of what other people think of their actions. They are able to filter out the judgements of those who may be envious of their success and rely on their own business sense and push toward accomplishing their goals.

They don’t let frustration take over. Successful people know that not every day will be perfect. They’ve been in business long enough to know that “this too shall pass” and are able to keep going even when it gets tough. They aren’t bothered by the minute details and tiny risks that are part of running their business each day and keeping it on a steady path. Planning is a huge part of their life but they don’t let their to-do list run every minute of their day. Sometimes it’s best to step away from the essentials and take a chance.

They don’t allow themselves be controlled by the uncontrollable. Outside circumstances may not be perfect but successful people know that not only is perfection a facade but it is boring. Allowing your imperfections to show as a business owner but not in your business practices makes you more human and approachable to your customers and they appreciate being able to meet the person behind the business.

They have learned to say no. As difficult as it is, you can’t say yes to everyone and everything. Prioritize your business commitments and say yes to only the most important. Those who are successful know how important relaxation and time away from their business is to their general welfare. It’s what makes them succeed in their business and also enjoy their personal time.

They don’t make excuses and always take responsibility for their actions. Successful people know that you have to be mature and take ownership for the outcome of your business. Making excuses is not an option. Sometimes failing is part of any business venture and opportunities don’t always work out the way we wish they would.

Those who succeed realize that the most important things in life are a combination of work and play, business and family, knowledge and learning. Their lives and their businesses reflect this and they’ve learned that the road to success has to be enjoyed to be worth it.

Chris Draper © Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.