Small Business Saviour

We created DemGen in 2005 to help small businesses flourish. We felt that entrepreneurs who wanted to grow their companies needed access to specialized talent without burning holes in their pockets. We’ve seen too many businesses hire full-time employees for every conceivable position – only to go bankrupt.

DemGen Spells T-E-A-M

Right from the start, we built the DemGen team with individuals who possess unique skills and abilities in their specific area of expertise. With DemGen, our clients get access to a team of experts who excel at what they do. We don’t have generalists. Every member of our team is handpicked through a comprehensive recruiting process.

All members of our team take the Kolbe Index/Instinct test to ensure we maximize their potential.  That also allows us to match our clients with perfectly suited, expert support.

What we’ve created and continue to create is an authentic and refreshing approach to hiring – something that’s just not out there otherwise. One of our clients told us that finding out that a company like DemGen exists is like finding a golden unicorn (we have no idea what she meant by that, but it sounds good)!

We take the worry out of the hiring process. DemGen is a one-stop shop, providing experts in any field you require, on demand.

Always (and Only) There When You Need Us

We believe in working virtually. With the right tools and technology, we run a tight ship and eliminate the unnecessary overhead that comes with running a brick-and-mortar office. This lets us pass along the savings to our clients.

Our Talent Vault is mainly based in North America, though we make exceptions for top international talent. All work is done “in house” – we never offshore our client’s work.

We’re always as close as your phone or computer!

Conscious Business

We’re a happy bunch that love what we do. We practice Conscious Business and are respectful not only to our clients, vendors and partners, but also to the environment. Ethical business practices are the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Our team is big on EQ – the Emotional Intelligence Quotient.  In business and life, IQ can only get you so far.  Healthy companies have a healthy EQ.  We’ve included EQ training as part of our employee handbook that is mandatory reading for all members of the team.

A large part of our corporate mandate is also contributing to charities.  Learn more about our Community Initiatives.

We’ve learned a lot through building our business and those of our clients. Our experience with entrepreneurs ensures that you won’t make the same mistakes we’ve seen in the past. That’s why our clients are so pleased with our work. We’ve been there and done that – and know exactly what our clients need to be successful.