Successful entrepreneurs, who have run businesses for many years, tend to have similar qualities. Mostly of boomer age or even older, these traits have been true of them since they were quite young and though they may not have been as successful at a regular job, on their own, they are powerhouses.

Not afraid to work hard

If you were lazy at school, especially in your younger years or didn’t think you needed a part-time job while in high school, the entrepreneurial lifestyle is not for you. Working from a home office puts you in charge of you and possibly others who you may hire. What it comes down to is a lot of work, which means self-reliance, in all aspects of your life.

Motivated and driven – you have ambition
For many years ambition was a dirty word, but how else can you describe someone who has the ability to get ahead on their own?

Organized is one of the most important traits of someone who works on their own. If you can’t find your work, how will you complete it?

Strong and emotionally stable

We aren’t speaking of weight lifting and physical strength here; we mean the ability to keep going when the going gets tough. The bottom line – not breaking down in tears or frustration over the many tasks that have to be accomplished, especially when it seems they all have to be finished at one time. Overwhelmed is not in your vocabulary and you look down in disdain at those you use it.

Adaptable: independent and not afraid of change

Anyone starting a new business knows that they will have to change with the times. Fear of the future and what it may bring is not an option if you want to be successful. Looking forward to change or at least finding yourself capable of making sense of it, keeps your business successful.

Not easily swayed by the opinions of others; don’t follow the crowd

Having your own ideas and sticking to them will bring you a long way. Don’t believe what everyone tells you, you want your business to stand out, not copy the others.

Confident in the product or service you are selling or providing

Not being a believer in your own business will show to those you are trying to sell to. Having complete confidence in your work and the way you carry it out shows that you can get the job done. Know your products and services inside out.

Able to follow through on your plans and goals

A quitter will get nowhere when it comes to operating on their own. Going the extra mile time and time again will bring your business to the forefront among competition. Have plans in place and don’t be afraid to change them as time goes by so your business is competitive with others.

Interested in a variety of new ideas and love to learn

Stagnation can put an end to your business or your ability to work from home. Keeping up with technology, to a degree and trying out new ideas will give you an idea of which direction you would like to take your business. Read about the topics that you find interesting, it makes you an intriguing person. All of these things create an interest in your business and even more so, an interest in you!

© Chris Draper, 2016

image courtesy of crayond