“Working with DemGen has given me so much more peace of mind knowing that I have a team…. an ENTIRE TEAM of support around me for anything I could possibly need.

I was literally on a call today with my Executive Assistant when I was telling her some of the projects I was working on and some of the things I was really not looking forward to doing and she said, “You know, we have some folks on our team who do just that” and the stress in the moment was gone! The folks at DemGen GET IT. They are so sharp, they are the best at what they do and have really built an incredible team that extends to each of their clients.

Having this peace of mind allows me to use this energy on things that I am uniquely good at and that will produce greater results. In essence, DemGen has freed us up to spend more time doing what we love and that generates the most returns and the greatest impact.

I found DemGen and I have been able to get the results I have been looking for, with far less of an investment and I have people who are experts in their field supporting my company and helping us to stay focused on what we do best! It is a true WIN-WIN.

DemGen continues to exceed my expectations. Whether it is my Executive Assistant listening to me about my upcoming week and offering to take more and more off my plate or her introducing me to new technologies that can help me streamline what I do, or a strategic introduction to someone else at DemGen who can help me with my new project I am working on…. they have consistently shown me that they have the skills, know-how, and confidence to partner with me and MOSAIC to serve our customers effectively and efficiently. I cannot say enough good things about DemGen and the team there!”

Michael Williams,
Mosaic International

“We engaged DemGen to complete our first test of outsourced lead management. They provided excellent insights on how to improve the lead management process and once the calls began, we found the lead manager to be self-sufficient.

The process of extracting results was user-friendly and the results themselves completely met our needs.

Throughout the campaign, DemGen was concise and offered consistent communication on the status of the project.
We look forward to utilizing their services for our next project!”

Catherine Bruce,
Marketing Manager, Acuity Brands

“I recently became painfully aware that my coaching skills were not quite translating into the marketing and sales skills that would be required to grow my business.

I was coaching great clients, I was on social media, I had a decent website. But my pipeline was dry and I wasn’t meeting enough new people.

With DemGen’s support I was able to identify several dozen more leads which has been a huge increase from zero.”

Mary Legakis Engel,
Owner, The Management Coach







“DemGen has been instrumental in supporting me in my business. I could not have made the strides in my online program that I have without their expertise and ability to find a solution every difficulty that showed up. If they don’t know the answer, DemGen will go the extra distance to find it. I am profoundly grateful to everyone I have worked with. Thank you!”

Helen Valleau R.Sc.P
A Year of Possibilities






“You have been a great help to us, and we value the contribution DemGen has made to get Accountable Growth to where we are today: from the Future Vision Map, to the new website, to online web interactions via LinkedIn, to organizational systems of internal storage and communication, to copy writing support for blog posts and a speaker kit.”

Dennis MacGillivray
The Accountable Growth™ Coach







“DemGen has taken the time to thoroughly assess my business and my needs; the process I was guided through worked very well, and there is nothing about it that I would change.  The people involved have been very intuitive – they formulated a plan that follows my vision, and have taken proactive steps to implement that plan.”

Dr. Cory S. Goldberg






 “I’m happy with the market research and business development work DemGen is doing for us because it frees me up to work on my business.

I’ve worked with DemGen within two of my companies now, and each time I hire them I feel a sense of relief because I know the work is in good hands. They really function like an extended part of my company, handling tasks and projects just like an employee or manager would. DemGen holds my complete confidence, and that’s the sign of a great partner. The attention to detail is astounding – often they think of things I never would!

So far DemGen is exceeding my expectations in terms of customer service. It’s like the team is ‘always on’, and able to answer my questions or correspondence or requests. We have weekly production meetings to check in on progress against planned goals and everyone is punctual and organized and always professional.

I’m looking forward to more great work with DemGen!”

Roger Pierce
Pierce Content Marketing


Big Futures Logo






“DemGen has proven itself to be an innovative organization of talented individuals who create value for us with both passion and integrity. Our experience at Big Futures is they are supportive teammates who enable us to better respond to both the opportunities and demands of our own clients.

We feel partnering with DemGen this year is a significant milestone in enabling us to take even more responsibility and accountability with our own clients; while simplifying our game plan with great new capabilities.

Going virtual with inside support has been a positive breakthrough; helping us to better navigate the challenging path of managing resources while being productive and focused. Our referral of DemGen to numerous clients and associates of our own in a relatively short time frame speaks directly to the high regard with which we view them.

DemGen continues to meet or exceed our expectations – and we believe that is a strong endorsement given the leadership league we operate in.”

Patrick James & Adrienne Arlen Duffy
Big Futures






“Working with Heidi and Susan from DemGen represented the type of experience I hope my clients have with my own people.  The startup process was painless and Heidi willingly shouldered the burden for initiating all the communication by offering regular updates and asking for feedback.  She worked completely independently and responded to questions quickly and concisely.  When PTS needed additional resources to tackle an unexpected challenge, Heidi made arrangements to have the problem solved using other DemGen capabilities.    They filled an operational void for us that would have, otherwise, gone unmet.  It’s terrific to know I have an unfair advantage over my competitors.”

Diana Fongheiser, Founder/Managing Partner
Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc. 





“When I first was introduced to DemGen it sounded a bit too good to be true and I held off. After working with the team for almost 6 months I wish I had of taken the time sooner to investigate how they could help me and my business.

Once I committed to an hour teleconference and a bit of prep work time as requested, I found DemGen took the time to really listen. They listened to my concerns, ideas of where we are going, what we are trying to do within our service standards and high expectations. They asked questions on how, where and why? Some questions really made us think of what our core relationships mean and how we position our services.

Once they heard us, they came back to us with areas where they felt they could help us effectively and improve efficiencies. Finding the right person with the right back ground to support our needs. In working with Sandra and the team, we have found communications to be excellent on either defining our information to better serve us or updating us on our status.

I know as we move forward we will be using more of, and a wider variety, of DemGen services to build our business.”

Debbie DeCaire
Owner, Skipwith & Associates

“After hiring, on three different occasions, three full-time “assistants”, I found that not one of them was giving me the output I needed to maintain my business momentum. On top of that I was paying for full time work at 35% output – not very valuable return on investment.  Then one of them after just a short time, started to demand a percentage of my Real Estate commission!!

I was aware of DemGen prior to hiring these “assistants” but felt their hourly rate was “expensive”. However after the assistant disasters I experienced, which hindered my Real Estate business growth, not to mention the added frustration of hiring, training and firing, I decided to try them out.  Well, what an incredible surprise!!  Because my DemGen assistant has a Real Estate background it meant I didn’t need to spend much time “training” her AND also being “Buffini Certified”, her input is incredibly valuable. We were on the “same page” immediately!  So not only is she efficient, she knows what I need before I ask her to do something.  SHE MANAGES ME!!  And I love it! 

The DemGen hourly rate is worth every cent! AND you only pay for what you use. What a great concept!

Now I can concentrate on bringing in and closing deals, the reason I got into Real Estate in the first place!

I suggest that any Real Estate Agent that needs Virtual Assistance contact DemGen right away!  You will be so glad you did!”

Alina Spektor
Sales Representative – RE/MAX Premier Realty Inc., Brokerage 


“Since my business had changed since having a baby I needed to become more efficient with my time. My business was growing and it was becoming overwhelming to try and do it all! I work from a home office and I liked the concept of having someone working for me but not physically in the same office. I researched several virtual assistant support companies but I felt Dem Gen was the most suitable for my needs plus they seemed very professional.

There’s been no looking back! I no longer feel overwhelmed with day to day tasks and have been able to narrow in on what I do best – SELL REAL ESTATE. My VA has taken over all admin/support tasks such as; organizing / maintaining: back-office, accounting, invoices, Real Estate offers & paperwork, trade records, website updates & listings. She also created a support manual outlining everything my support team would need to know. I’ve even used my virtual assistant to help with larger time sensitive projects and she met the deadlines, was focused and extremely helpful!

I would definitely recommend Dem Gen to anyone looking to take their business to the next level!”

Corrie Harding-Keizs
Real Estate Broker – RE/MAX Condos Plus Corp., Brokerage


“As a solo-preneur, I desperately needed help getting more tasks done in my business and didn’t know where to turn. I am so happy that I found DemGen. They have made life a lot easier and allowed me to FOCUS on the most important revenue-producing aspects of my business. I’ve used DemGen staff for customer service and support, transcription, web site updates, and graphic design. All excellent. I would recommend them to anyone looking for “virtual” assistance!”

Kris Murray
President, Child Care Marketing Solutions


“As a result of the encouraging results we got from our initial test efforts, there is interest in expanding the scope to seasonal milestone-based campaigns for which we will need to be able to pull in resources that can be fulfilled by utilizing your company’s services.  I really liked how quickly your team was able to dive into a project and was committed to a high level of customer service to the contacts they spoke to. I wanted to thank you and your team for helping us confirm and vet the process.”

Grace Chiam-Hester
Service Marketing & Support Manager, Mettler-Toledo



“Before I hired DemGen, I was a one-man show.  I have a great passion for my business, which I started in 2000.  Running a one-man show, I learned, eventually it became too difficult to do all by myself.  I have many strengths, but weaknesses too.  Thus, I lost sales. After hiring DemGen, I was provided with a team who were strong in the areas I am weak in.

It turned out, my business needed to raise our prices and change our consultation model.  I was scared at first but my team, Tamara and Louise, reassured me.

Thanks to them, I have a more professional appearance and I’ve sold on the new price!  I now have hope for my business and myself!  I look forward to ground breaking sales and exponential growth in 2012!

I’m DemGen for life!”

Charlene Blacer
Founder, Cybermane


“My business was growing quickly, and I became overwhelmed with day-to-day operations. Their professionalism, experience and efficiency in areas such as hiring (including online ad creation and placement and pre-screening interviews via telephone), lead follow-up and general administration have allowed me to focus on consultations, new business and training my EC’s. DemGen is adept at managing all administrative tasks, designing and implementing forms and keeping on track, all of which really helps to minimize being weighed down by things that don’t necessarily require my immediate personal attention but that which absolutely need to be done. Their ability to wade through dozens of applications and cherry pick the best tutors have helped me to improve and expand my roster, and now I forward all my HR needs to DemGen!”

Bill Davies
Tutor Doctor Franchise Owner – Phoenix


“Last summer, our business was in a state of turmoil. We were trying to juggle the demands of having a new business as well as a having a young family. As hard as we tried and as many hours as we invested, it never seemed to make our lives less chaotic or less disorganized. We could feel our lives caving in around us both professionally and personally, and we were overwhelmed. We knew we had to quickly look for a solution before everything spiralled out of control, and that’s when we turned to DemGen.

Through discussions with the experienced and friendly team at DemGen, we charted a course of action and we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Their input, diligence and efficient approach to our business was like a breath of fresh air, and we could feel the burden lifting from our shoulders week after week. Now, three months later, our lives our so much easier. We can see that things are getting done, our business is making the headway that we envisioned, and we can focus on the things that we want to do instead of taking care of the parts of the business that we don’t want to adminster. It was also a relief to have enjoyed some time off with our families and our young daughter over the Christmas holiday without worrying so much about our business and the insurmountable tasks that may have laid ahead in the new year had we not been working with DemGen. Teaming up with DemGen has been an excellent business decision and we look forward to the huge successes that a cooperative effort with them will bring.”

Kevin and Becky Patrick
Tutor Doctor Franchise & A Child’s Academy Owners – Florida


“The early development stages of being a new franchisee can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make and business practices to implement, not to mention generating sales and new business. When I found myself trying to juggle all of this on top of being inundated with hundreds of leads, I called DemGen for help. Their experienced lead generation and follow-up team was able to quickly begin following up on the leads in an efficient and thorough manner. Because of their proven ability to stick to a task and understand my needs, I am now getting assistance from them with recruiting tutors and am extremely impressed with the timeliness and ability to provide me with qualified applicants that I am confident to have on my roster. I am happy with the services that DemGen provides to me and will continue to use them in the future.”

Bob Rosedale
Tutor Doctor Franchise Owner – Idaho


“Finding out that a virtual support company like DemGen exists has been similar to discovering a golden unicorn. Yet there is no myth here – this company and their strategies to grow businesses are very real and they deliver. Each team member takes his or her role in my company seriously and it shows in the daily support, vision and execution on my business projects. Before DemGen, my thoughts and visions were only on paper. With DemGen, they are a reality. Run… do not walk… to sign up for a Discovery Call!”

Christy Heady
Author – Writing Coach – Workshop & Retreat Leader


“DemGen’s effective marketing-outreach services have helped us reach more clients than ever before, in the markets and industries we serve now – and those we want to expand into. We’ve also been able to sharpen our management focus on what we do best, due to DemGen’s excellent executive virtual support services.”

Dick van Halsema,
Managing Partner, Migration Arts


“Gilbarco Veeder-Root established a relationship with DemGen in January 2006 with a view towards developing a new sales channel that would cost-effectively target small to medium sized businesses for our product services line. This was the very first time we had considered using an outsourced sales approach and our requirements included a partner that could show extreme flexibility, meet tight deadlines, be able to adapt on-the-fly, provide quality staff and
complete the loop on sales for us. DemGen has continued to exceed our expectations and has become an important contributor to our revenue growth plans. Starting with simple proof-of-concept initiatives we have expanded our agreement to encompass multiple campaigns of varying complexity and are confident that DemGen will continue adding value to our efforts.

“I would recommend DemGen as a viable channel partner to any firm that has aggressive sales and marketing goals. I especially appreciate their people, their flexibility and their commitment towards building a win-win scenario for their customers and partners.”

Fawaz Khalil
Director of Services Marketing, Gilbarco Veeder-Root

“From the first day that DemGen began working PSO you all have made a positive impact.  The renewal rate is much higher than it would be by simply mailing letters.  I truly enjoy our partnership and feel we have become much more that just business partners.  I am blessed to work with some outstanding companies in my role here at Gilbarco and DemGen is certainly one of the very best.  It is not the name “DemGen” but the people that comprise it that makes it an outstanding company to work with.”

Bob Griffith, Project Administrator, Gilbarco Veeder-Root

“You guys are doing excellent getting through the list.  I know it’s not easy without personal names, so leads on 10% of the calls is fantastic. That’s all for now.  Keep up the great work.”

Jim Chan,
EVR Product Manager, Veeder-Root


“DemGen has been serving as an eloquent customer service centre for BizLaunch for over three years.  They have contributed to numerous small and large campaign successes including increasing event turnout, brand awareness and general customer service. They are very self-sufficient and require little training.  If you want to grow your company, BizLaunch highly recommends DemGen.”

Renée Warren
Manager, BizLaunch

“Thank you for completing the surveys in time and getting me a report – 264 surveys in a couple of weeks is impressive! We really appreciate it.

We are quite pleased with the results of your team – they must be strong telemarketers!”

Sarah Chait, Retail Marketing Specialist, Mettler-Toledo


“If everyone I deal with was as prompt and thorough as you… my stress level would reduce significantly. Thank you.”

Bert Steenburgh,
Sr. Vice President & General Manager, McArthur Properties