Being your own boss can take a toll on your health.  With long hours and excessive stress, it’s tough to be a healthy entrepreneur.

The following tips will help you to stay focused on your health.

1.  Incorporate activity into meetings.

Entrepreneurs often collaborate virtually.  A great way to get your blood flowing (and pumping into your brain) is to incorporate activity into your meetings.  Stand up and walk around during phone meetings.  Skip the unhealthy restaurants and opt for walking meetings.  (You’ll also get much more achieved without your mouth full.)

2.  Take a step away from your computer.

As entrepreneurs, we are often chained to our desks.  Sitting in the same position all day isn’t good for your posture or health.  A new trend is stand-up desks.  If you’re not ready to commit to standing all day, consider incorporating your own variation if you have a laptop or simply take a walk at some point each day.

3.  Eat right.

The old adage is true, “You are what you eat.”  It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet with a busy schedule, but it’s extremely important to eat the right food to fuel your genius.  While caffeine will give you a quick fix, healthier foods will provide long-term energy and inspiration.  For more specific ideas, check out our blog post The Entrepreneur’s Diet to Increase Health and Brainpower.

4.  Stay active.

Exercise is one of the first things to be overlooked with a busy schedule.  Staying active doesn’t require 3 hours at the gym.  Simply taking a break to stretch or incorporating a simple exercise routine into your day is a great starting point.

5.  Manage your stress.

Stress is unavoidable with an entrepreneurial lifestyle and can lead to multiple health problems.  Be aware of your limits and remember it’s okay to say NO sometimes.  As entrepreneurs, we often try to do it all, which can become unhealthy and eventually unproductive.


Our businesses tend to be heavily intertwined with our lives.  Ensuring you keep your health in mind will benefit your business and your life.


© Tamara Smith, DemGen Inc 2013