rigidly firm in will or purpose : unyielding

not readily bent : lacking or deficient in suppleness

incapable of change : unalterable

Small businesses are caught up in the ever changing trends and economies that now make up our world. Quite often, business owners will need to respond quickly to changes in their market if they want to keep up and compete with others.

Becoming flexible in your way of doing business has become a necessity. Can you offer your clients choices, based on their needs and preferences? We all like having options and your customers will want to deal with someone who thinks quickly and can tailor a product or service to their needs.

Figure out what works best for you. Try a variety of marketing options and communications. What may work best for a fellow business owner, may not be what works for you. When you feel comfortable with what you’re doing, you will be more likely to see your customer’s viewpoint when it applies to them. Never forget that you have an unknown number of competitors out there and if you are unable to offer choices or refuse to offer choices, there is always someone who will. Most people are still looking for good quality and though they may also want a bargain, the majority are willing to pay that little bit extra to have you provide exactly what they need.

Niche markets in particular have to pay attention to what they are offering. Though your market may be smaller and the variety of products or services also less, this doesn’t mean that the less you offer, the more customers you will have. Balancing quality, selection and options will mean more success for your business.

Challenges will always be part of running your business. Flexibility in the way you run yours can help you weather almost any storm, especially in the present economy. Keep an eye on market demands and if you need to shift your focus to another area of service, be willing and able to do it. Adaptation and flexibility go hand in hand. It has always been those who are willing to adapt who survive.

Just as when you started your business and felt you could do anything, your attitude will help. Listen to what your market wants and needs, their suggestions for possible changes. Realize that you are totally capable of changing, as much as you may resist it. Change can be enjoyable and a breath of fresh air that keeps you interested in what you’re doing. It also can be just what your business needs for continued success.

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