Many small business owners have heard the expression actionable marketing thrown around, yet have no idea what it is.

Actionable marketing is the ability to persuade customers to buy from you and to interact with you and your business in a way which is positive for both of you.

One of the most important ways that you can do this is to be aware of who your market consists of and to target those customers by offering them something that they need. Marketing toward these customers needs to be tailored for their geographical area and should encompass any interests that they may have. Demographics should also include web pages that interest them and social media websites where they spend their time. Try to give your potential customers exactly what they’re looking for. Remember that first impressions are important. You want to catch the attention of new customers while retaining your loyal customers.

Another marketing tip that is extremely important is that it is necessary to be available. Contact forms should be easy to find, simple and non invasive. They should also come with your promise that the customer’s information won’t be sold or given to anyone else and only used for the purpose of this one time contact unless otherwise stated. The most common reason customers have for not giving out their email address or using contact forms is that they receive a steady influx of marketing email (spam) from the company they have contacted as well as from other companies soon after. Answer all questions from your customers or possible future customers as soon as possible. A person answer is always much better than an auto responder!! While having automated systems in place for you business is helpful to you, it adds to the feeling of alienation that is increasing among customers.

Most importantly, give excellent value. Everyone loves free things, especially if they are of use to them. Depending on the type of business, offer your customers free downloads, discounts and coupons, newsletters and other resources which they will appreciate. Include special offers for your most loyal customers and advertise on your website that this is something that all long term customers receive. Include links to other websites which you feel your customers would find interesting and of value. Include a Q&A section, accessible from your landing page, where questions can be asked regarding your products and services. Make sure it is visible to all who read your website, not just the customer asking the question.

Actionable marketing is about taking actions that will improve your business and satisfy your customers and possible customers. It involves consistency in advertising and responsibility in your actions. Each business will have its own type of marketing plan but always keep the customer as your main focus.

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