photo-of-MW-squared1.  Since we last interviewed you, what developments have there been with your business?

Since the last interview, my business has continued to grow.  Most importantly I have been able to focus on what I do best and continue build an incredible team around me who also love to do what they do.  I have brought on a new coach who is incredible at helping entrepreneurs and their team members achieve their goals through an incredible process she created.  My best friend and prior business partners launched The Strategic Entrepreneur Podcast which was in the top 10 on New and Noteworthy for several weeks!   We have seen continued progress internally and with the entrepreneurs we serve.

2.  What trends in business did you notice last year?

I have been seeing a major increase in transformational conversations rather than transactional ones.  MOSAIC is a highly relational organization and this is an exciting trend to see.  People are more “connected” than they ever have been before.  By “connected” I am referring to technologically connected.  Most of us are tied to some kind of technology, whether a phone, a laptop, an ipad or tablet, etc.  Even though we are so “connected” technologically, we are so incredibly disconnected in so many other vital areas.  We are disconnected from ourselves, from what matters most to each of us (family, friends, relationships, experiences, nature, etc).  This is a major problem and one that MOSAIC is seeking to address in 2015 and beyond.

3.  What was your biggest accomplishment last year?

Last year (2014) was a year of exploration.  It was a year of getting grounded, focused and clear about our genius abilities.  We took significant time working on the business while still making massive progress toward one of the best years in the history of the company.  I was able to take more than 150 completely free days where I was disconnected from work and doing things that were rejuvenating!  Our relationships with our best clients were strengthened, and we were able to say “no” to some good opportunities which empowered us to be available and ready when the GREAT opportunity came our way!  All in all, we made some great progress in 2014 and that is a major accomplishment in my eyes!

4.  What is your biggest goal for next year?

The Biggest goal for next year at MOSAIC is that we will have the most fun we have ever had, doing what we love to do!  We LOVE helping people, dreams and experiences come alive.

5.  What services do you utilize DemGen’s virtual team for?

We currently utilize DemGen’s Virtual team as my primary Support Partner.  Kim Miller has been a vital part of our team.  She has helped me be more productive, keep me in my genius abilities and has helped me spend less time in front of my computer and more time working with people, facilitating learning and coaching clients!  It has been a true WIN-WIN!

6.  How has working with DemGen’s virtual team helped support your business growth?

SEE ABOVE for this one.  Kim has truly been an angel for me!  I was spending approx.. 4-5 hours a day on my computer and in emails.  This last week I may have spent a total of 5 hours on email thanks to Kim!  We have come up with a great system that seems to be working well.  This has empowered me to do the things that matter most to me (and email is not one of them).


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