Heidi WinterEach week we will be covering one of the experts from our team. This week we’d like to introduce you to Heidi Winter, our Customer Service & Recruiting Goddess.

Heidi is our resident relationship builder.  Her background in management, recruiting, sales and quality assurance allows her to get to know our clients and their businesses intimately, in order to build a great rapport and strong working relationship.

She truly cares for our clients and it shows in her work.  She consistently goes above and beyond to keep clients happy.  Her positive attitude and bubbly demeanor make her a pleasure to work with. (Just check out our testimonials!)

Heidi also applies these principles internally for DemGen for lead nurturing & management, customer service and recruiting.  She has been an essential asset in growing the company through keenly understanding our values, offerings and team.

In her own words: After working from home for 15 years, I have never felt like such a part of a team before.  I am blessed to be working with talented, insightful people, who inspire me on a daily basis.  I agree with Pam this is not “work” it is pleasure, and I have found my balance between work and play!