Become Known as a Quality Company – Quality means you have your priorities in order and your first priority should be your customers. Knowing your market and what your customers need should be at the top of your list

Stay Current With Your Market – Keep your finger on the pulse of what is out there and whether or not your customers are interested. This also involves keeping up with new technology as it will give you the tools to run your business in a more organized and accessible way

Connect with your customers – Whether it be in person or online, in order to keep up with what it is your customers are most interested in, you have to speak with them. Take their concerns seriously as your reputation and that of your business may be at stake

Outsource – when your business has grown to the point where you are unable to handle all of the involved tasks efficiently, then it is time to bring in outside help. Decide which part of the business you work best at and enjoy, hire someone else to do the rest

Go the Extra Mile – When a business puts in just a little more effort than others to please their customers, it gets around. Word of mouth is still the best method of advertising out there and if your company becomes known for excellent customer service and treating your customers exceedingly well, you are already a step ahead of everyone else


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