We have all heard the saying that a person or situation is ‘all business’ when there is an evident lack of emotion, playfulness, creativity or inspiration. It’s too bad that this label has become so commonplace, because business is all about emotions. Ahem, we think that bears repeating:

 Business is all about emotions.

Here are some reasons why we make such a bold statement.

Emotions are your informers and your response to everything important that happens to you.

You ‘get’ intuitive feelings, hunches and gut reactions to events, people, opportunities and information all day, every day. Then you ‘give’ through your thoughts, words and deeds based on the intelligence of these emotions and sensations. Emotions inform your plans, hiring and virtually every important decision you make in business.

Emotions motivate, empower and inspire you to innovate and create, giving you greater and faster access to profit and success.

When you are emotionally ‘in sync’ with ideas, colleagues and your work environment, you soar with energy, confidence, productivity, insight, satisfaction, accomplishment and enjoyment. Critical problem-solving breakthroughs happen.

Emotions are essential to the activation of ethical values and the ability to build trusting and profitable business relationships.

Emotional honesty and transparency make your level of commitment and accountability visible and desirable to potential partners, employees and colleagues. This creates widening ripples of success. Your emotions also ‘tell’ you whom to trust and how much responsibility you can give others.

Emotions are a continual energy source that can be harnessed to work for you.

Become aware of their potential, and you can consciously grow and apply the intelligence of emotions toward your desired success.

Over the next several weeks, DemGen will share exercises that can help you to systematically develop and apply more Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, in your personal life and your work.

Stay tuned to make the conscious connection!

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