Before you start questioning this, hear me out. I know that when you think of the leaders of the multi-million dollar companies, you’re definitely not picturing the average introvert. The leaders we are accustomed to seeing are charismatic, easy to approach, friendly and talkative. But luckily, and thankfully, the work world is changing to open entrepreneurial doors for those of us that prefer solitude, work independently, and keep to ourselves.

Here are a few reasons why introverts are starting to be the leaders the work world is looking for:

1.    Introverts know when to stop talking

Sometimes, getting a word in with a rambunctious, energetic team leader is difficult and can make you shy about your ideas or suggestions. Introverts are naturally quiet, and are known to think before they speak, so having a leader who knows when to stop talking can be pivotal in creating a successful open discussion in team meetings.

2.    Introverts can play both sides

An introvert doesn’t walk around with a T Shirt announcing their personality type to the world. Often, introverts are able to conjure some similar characteristics of extroverts, allowing them to be both outgoing and reserved. This ability helps them to appear warm and welcoming; instead of having the average shy and reserved persona to generally turns people away.

3.    They aren’t looking for the popular people

This doesn’t mean that they’ll shun people in the business with mighty reputations, but instead, means they’re more willing to give everyone a chance. Introverts are methodical and know that the best talent may not always be the most popular, so they’ll pay attention to all the details when it comes to hiring people for their team.

4.    They appreciate relationships

Introverts prefer keeping a close-knit group of friends and family to surround themselves with. These strong but few relationships transfer well in the business world, allowing introvert entrepreneurs to build longstanding, effective relationships with employees and clients they connect with.  Having these relationships creates a close-knit work environment bound for success.

Don’t be afraid or turned off by a seemingly “uninterested” personality. Be open to the idea that not every great leader is loud and bursting with wise, exuberant pep talks. If you find yourself in a situation where your future employer identifies as an introvert, give it a chance – it might end up being one of the best partnerships you create!


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