Some of the formerly new things which I’d like to see returned to the way they once were.


Interesting and knowledge based websites, less junk. We are becoming a world that is lacking in general life skills and possibly not interested in obtaining them. Quality outside of the internet also as many of us yearn for products that are well made and reasonably priced.

No comments allowed

It would be nice to read a newspaper or blog without having comments attached. Most people aren’t very interested in the opinions of others as they have their own and a majority of comments are advertising. It would also take away forums that lead to online drama.

Useful search engines

When I first started using the internet, quite a few years ago, Google was useful. You would put in your keywords and find a list of websites that were pretty close to what you were looking for. Using the most popular search engines now bring up a list of forums before anything else and you will have better luck finding information through databases that pertain to your topic.


Maturity doesn’t necessarily pertain to age but there is a headlong rush by many to mimic those who are barely out of their teens. For those of us who are interested in spending time with adults, discussing adult issues and reading well written articles online with correct spelling, it can be saddening and frustrating when these are difficult to find. A return to fact based media would be a gigantic step in the right direction.


There was a time when privacy was a right in this country but as we head into 2011 our right to keep our thoughts and actions to ourselves has become a battle that we seem to be losing bit by bit. You Tube and cellphones with cameras have put us on a slippery slope where our every word and/or action can be misconstrued through video.

Do you agree that these would be welcome changes? Each gradual step in the right direction could turn things around.

ell brown

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