Positive thinking – we hear about it so much, but do we truly grasp the benefits? Have you consciously looked at days when you have been upbeat and positive, and compared them to days when you had some negativity in your thoughts and actions? I have …. And I am grateful for the exercise!

When I have had a rough day, I sometimes lash out about the dishes not being done or the piles of laundry. Of course this is happening because of what happened for me that day – it is not a direct relation to what anyone on my team or in my house did … I needed to vent! Nowadays, I make a concentrated effort to think first about my reaction and where it is truly coming from.

On a day of positive thinking, I celebrate everything including the dirty dishes because they meant we had a great home cooked meal or the hundreds of emails to be addressed because someone thought of me and reached out!

I have started a note beside my desk that I update often with new messages, it is focusing on how I choose to experience my day and came from a wonderful blog post by Pat Lynch…

This part really resonated with me “Imagine spending a day seeking out inspirational acts, feeling grateful for what you have, feeling energized by your work, or expressing your appreciation to others! Simply looking for these things ensures that you will find them”

So in honour of Positive Thinking Day (Sept 13th) I would like to share this infographic to help you experience a positive attitude every day!


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