adventuresfrombehindtheglassWe’ve been told many times, that if we put our minds to it, anyone can be an entrepreneur.

Maybe they can, but can they become a good one – a great one? Some say there is no way everyone can be an entrepreneur. The job is too demanding and much too time consuming.

These are valid points but the fact is, not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. To many, the thought is terrifying and exhausting. The lack of what they see as security, routine and “normality” would have them running in the opposite direction as fast as they could. The amount of work involved is much too much for most.

But for those who have a mindset that is just a little bit different, who are just slightly more independent, that thought is there, in the background. The sense of satisfaction and empowerment they would feel if they worked on their own. It fuels their dreams and while they may never take that “big” step and start their own business, they still will be found working just a little bit differently than the average person.

What traits and qualities lead to success as an entrepreneur? Look around at those who have built a thriving business for themselves and you’ll often find most if not all of the qualities below.

People skills

The ability to connect not so much with large groups or as a speaker but one on one in a professional, well spoken way. People appreciate your putting your full attention on them and interacting in such a way that they know you have been listening to them.


New ideas are important and new ideas that are a good fit for other new products are even better. You want your small business to work well with other businesses of various sizes and there are times when the ability to fit in is very important.


Being confident in yourself and your abilities can bring you a long way. Confidence means you can stand your ground in a diplomatic way. You’re not afraid to have to disagree sometimes but you are also able to concede a point. Be able to agree to disagree.

Having control of your emotions and behaviour

Always. Losing your temper or being  impatient shows a lack of ability to cope. Always remember that there could be someone watching or listening that could help you build your business. If you’re having one of those days where the wrong word could send you over the edge, keep your socializing or contact with others to a minimum. Sometimes silence really is golden.

Be comfortable with yourself

The best business people know their shortcomings and also what they excel at. They’ve learned to relax into their personality, their habits, their creativity and their lifestyle. One thing that is noticeable is that they are always well dressed. Not business suit attire but pulled together. After all, you never know when you may come across a potential contact!

Many of us think we could become great entrepreneurs, but there are those of us who are best with routine and reliability. When working outside of this, we feel that we aren’t in control of our lives and live with the nagging feeling that there are things that could go wrong at anytime. The steady nine to five position works best for some. It makes them happy and we need people like this.

The long hours and self induced solitude that can come with entrepreneurship won’t work for everyone.  We all have our own very interesting abilities and some of us are just meant to take that different road which leads to running our own business, that road less travelled.

Chris Draper © Copyright 2016  All rights reserved.

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