loserWe hate to call them that but some of them are losers. Business losers that is, owners of small or large businesses that may not seem like losers in general but they have all of the symptoms.

He or she lacks integrity and any belief in what they are doing – what they say and what they do are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. They also lack real ambition. While they are interested in making money they don’t want to do the work necessary to obtain it. If they have goals, they don’t put forth any effort to attain them. They contribute as little as possible and this means they also work as little as possible. One of the biggest traits of a loser is their laziness and total inability to see that they really don’t do anything at all.

Business losers have no real concern for their customers. While pretending they care what their customers think, they try to pacify them rather than please them. In this same vein, they don’t realize that there are consequences for their actions and the business is run haphazardly with no thought for future growth or success.

A loser lacks class and their personality leaves a lot to be desired. It isn’t that these business owners don’t have friends and acquaintances, it’s that people don’t trust totally trust them and their negative attitude turns people off. They have no sense of humour and don’t understand humour. They complain. Everyone loves a complainer, you can tell by the huge group that always surrounds them. 🙂

Not only does a business loser not respect their customers, they also don’t really respect themselves or even know what it means to have self respect. They refuse to take responsibility for mistakes they make in their own business and play “victim” very well.

These types of business owners need to realize that they are no more special than anyone else. Just like the others, if they want a life, they will have to work for it. For those of us who aren’t losers, we have learned that each of us has a different idea of how our lives should look, and our idea of success will not be the same as our neighbours. No one is entitled.

We’ve learned how not to do everything for everyone else but at the same time we aren’t selfish with what we can contribute. This means our time, our effort and our respect. We’ve learned that good business values mean good business and that our customers mean we have a business.

© Chris Draper, DemGen Inc. 2015

image courtesy of flickrhivemind