As a hiker, I appreciate what nature has to offer in every season. I noticed that many trees had taken a toll this winter…

We’re all susceptible to uncontrollable circumstances, both with nature and in business.

So a couple of questions arise: Can you weather an unexpected storm? How deep and diverse are your business’ roots?

After the showers come the flowers, but first, you must be prepared. With the right systems in place, all storms and seasons are an opportunity! The rain brings growth, lightning inspires insights and thunder cracks us back onto track. (There’s a reason the saying when it rains, it pours is related to success in business…)

If your “why” isn’t clear, BIG and ever evolving – maybe it’s time to do some Spring-cleaning! Our Future Vision Map system connects you with business strategy experts, to provide you with additional insights and opportunities. The rest of our complementary services are designed to keep you on track with your ideal Future Vision for your business.

So far, 2012 has been as awesome as it has been enlightening for DemGen. Learning to dance in the rain has ensured our continued growth over the years.

To highlight some our recent blossoms:

• Check us out on our new green-themed website and social media!
• The Future Vision Map has been approved for Continuing Education credits.
• Our Expert Team continues to grow as we add people to our Talent Vault.

DemGen is a green company in all senses. Our support and systems encourage businesses to grow! By working virtually we reduce the environmental impact of doing business.

To your deep roots and growth!

Gary Evans
Chief Growth Officer