When Walter Bick, Bick Pickle’s co-founder passed away just over a week ago, I thought to myself, what a legacy! If only all business owners and entrepreneurs could contribute to history and the happiness of others in this way.

Walter, along with his father, George, started a cucumber farm north of Toronto, Ontario in 1939. Their pickle recipe is an old family recipe they brought with them when they emigrated from Holland. Though not intending to sell pickles, the farm ended up with far too many cucumbers to sell to local stores and a new business was born.

Though Walter did get into the pickle business in this round about way, he also knew a good thing when he saw it, worked hard and went out of his way to make his customers happy. Not liking the taste of pickles, he still sampled them with his customers and followed up on any complaints himself. He and his father learned from other business owners how to offer their product in a variety of ways and also make it appealing to many kinds of people with extremely different tastes.

Starting out as farmers, Walter and his father became excellent salesmen and businessmen.  They learned through example as well as trial and error. Now, just hearing the Bick name brings images to our minds. Barbecues, buffets, all of those happy times with good food and the ever present pickle to set things off.

Never forget that no matter how small a contribution you may feel you are making with your business, to someone out there or a lot of someones out there, your product or service may be very important.  

Let’s remember Walter Bick and family and give thanks for their contributions to so many of our family gatherings!

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