If you find your list of tasks growing each day as you add more items to it, then it’s time to take your task list to task.

Are all of the items on your list things that absolutely have to be done? Some of them will most likely be ‘maybes’ or ideas you have floating around that you would like to get to some day. Start by eliminating those. Even with a list I find that every item on it is still somewhere in the back of my mind waiting to be crossed off.

Can any of these listed items be combined? Most lists contain similar to dos that when looked at a little more closely, resemble each other so much that they can be done at the same time. Group any items that are even remotely the same together.

From what’s left, make a priority list. This list will only contain items that you feel must be done. When you are finished, take everything else, put it on another list and put it away for several weeks. After the that period, check it again. If any of those items can now be listed as a priority, add them to your list. If not, cross them off. If they truly are important, you will eventually add them to a to do list in the future.

Keeping mega lists that stretch for months and years can actually keep you from your goals. A goal is only worthwhile if it is flexible and allows for growth. By rigidly sticking to lists for every week of the year you are keeping yourself from trying out new things and these new things may help you to get where you are going now, instead of later!

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image by Jayel Aheram on Flickr