Customers come to you because they seek your unique product or service, and they’re either ready to buy now or they’re considering a purchase. Either way, your goal is to keep them coming back and actively engaged. You can do that with content!

Valuable information that customers can use in their personal lives or in the operation of their own businesses is one way to keep their interest. Knowing what information your customers want to learn more about gives you an opportunity to provide it, to solidify their relationship with you and prompts them to refer other potential customers.

How do you find out what customers want to know?

  • Quick surveys can elicit specific information about problems for which they seek answers (see more below about how to leverage a survey).
  • Check the predominant keyword searches in your industry, finding out what themes are used the most on the major online search engines.
  • Ask as a routine part of your newsletter or blog communications. Encourage comments and questions, and take note of the responses you receive. You and your readers can learn from opening a dialogue.

After researching your niche for content ideas, provide information to your subscribers, making it about your industry or marketing niche, rather than about you.

Write blog posts, a great way to deliver content in a very informal style that engages your readers. Consider guest bloggers too, another great way to leverage your position as the go-to source in your industry.

Provide whitepapers or eBooks as downloads on your website in exchange for customer information (such as completing a short survey) and newsletter signup.

Record short video demonstrations that can be delivered in a newsletter, blog or from your website. Videos rank higher in a search engine than other types of content and will help your customers put a face with your name or brand.

Follow up. Make sure you contact your customers shortly after they download your content. Point out other value-added content they may access from you. Set them up to expect future value you will provide.

Encourage sharing with friends on social media or via email forwarding. Cultivate customer referrals with the valuable content you deliver.

Establish your expertise with useful information. Delivery of unique content will enliven your brand and position you well for future sales.

What challenges do you face with finding or delivering content to your customers?

Julie Nierenberg