The most important point when it comes to serving your clients and customers has always been to put them first. Most small businesses do this by asking their customers what they need, offering discounts and specials and catering to the wishes of many, usually to the detriment of themselves.

Could entrepreneurs and small business owners take a page from some of the largest companies, those that are rated the best to work for, and by giving a bit more to themselves, have more to offer their customers?

For example, voted the best company to work for in America, according to Business Insider is Southwest Airlines. The reasons? Family atmosphere, great pay and benefits. The cons? Some of those who work for Southwest take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and abuse it.

In second place is General Mills, because of its work ethic and strong moral values; the downside according to some employees are the hours – usually more than 50 per week.

Of the rest of the top twenty five companies, the general consensus is that they offer many opportunities, both for work-life balance and learning on the job while being able to work your way up. Who wouldn’t want that? The employees are recognized and valued for what they bring to the job and at the same time are expected to perform strongly and be committed to learning and to the company.

Hard work and long hours, intelligence and drive are rewarded, as they should be! One of the things I noticed most is that all of these companies expect those that work for them to learn their products and/or services inside and out. How else could you expect excellence other than by training the best to be the best? At many of them you are your own boss and organize your own schedule. In return, when it comes to income potential, the sky is the limit.

 The bottom line is that these “best” companies became that way because of those who work there. They feel  strongly about making a difference and make sure the work is challenging, interesting and varied. The employees love what they do!

Though your business may be small or you may be a solo entrepreneur, how does your company stack up against the top 25? Do you love what you’re doing?




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