images   With competition fiercer than it has ever been, business owners are finding it more difficult to draw in their customers long enough for them to make a purchase. We all want our customers to keep purchasing from us as loyalty to our brand is what keeps our company growing.

Do you make your customers feel comfortable? Not only in your store if you have one, but also speaking with you on the phone and connecting with you through any online presence that you have. The more they interact with you and your employees, the more they will get to know you and trust you to offer them the best deal and the highest quality.

Though your customers may be attracted to what you are offering, outside opinion quite often has an effect on the purchasing outcome. Rather than making their own decision to buy, there is quite often a little ticker tape running through their minds of what this person or that person will think of their purchase. This leaves you with the double job of ensuring that your customer feels he needs your product and also taking in account how strongly they will let their friends and others influence their final decision.

You also have to take into account the lifestyle of your customers and whether your product or service fits in with the way they live. While many of your customers are now trying to spend less and lead a more simplistic life, a lot of what is being offered for sale doesn’t fit with this image. There are those that stick by their own rules and there are also a lot who follow the crowd and always buy the newest thing. Social status is important to them and they will buy accordingly. Deciding which group you and your customers belong to will help your business succeed.

At the end of the list and perhaps most important, is price. Price comparisons are easy to do by using the internet and unless yours is in line with the majority, your customers will go elsewhere. Making sure your product is easily available and also priced right will motivate your customers to buy from you instead of going to a competitor.

Always make sure that you can prove the value of your product, put it out there in a noticeable way for your customers and follow up. Keep your customers comfortable by not being too pushy and listen to what they have to say. Find out what they are interested in and you will discover their motivations. Go the extra mile and learn about those who purchase from you.

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