imagesHaving it all means different things to each of us. For those of us who wish to build a business, or switch to our own business from being employed elsewhere or even start a business once retired, fitting a business into our version of our lives will look different from those of others, depending on what we want out of life.

Family changes

For many of us with older children or those who have children who have already moved out on their own, a business can fit well with our lifestyles as we have finally reached a time in our lives where we are freed of responsibility for all of those around us. Our lifestyles are changing to one centred more around ourselves – our tastes, our schedules and what we feel comfortable doing. We are looking for a business that isn’t going to take over all of our time, one that fits in with our values and our new lifestyle changes.

As much work as a business can be, we still insist on not letting it take over our lives. We want the time for our interests, our recreational activities and if at all possible, we may prefer to work in smaller increments of time and not spend long hours on a business that revolves around a product that we really don’t have much interest in. We don’t want to have to turn down attending events because of prior work commitments, yet we want our business to flourish. Since each of us is different – some of us are overachievers, others preferring to take their time, finding a specific business that will allow us the freedom to be ourselves will be the perfect fit.

Indecision over business type

The problem occurs when there is a gap between what your dream business would be and what you are actually capable of, so most of your time needs to be spent on deciding just what you can do that will be profitable, time appropriate and actually do-able for you. It needs to be something that you are good at, will be of interest to customers and is relevant to today’s industries. You know what you excel at and if you feel insecure in your ability to get started, you can start by improving your knowledge of business and taking courses that will bring you up to date on the industry you’re interested in.

Fitting a business into your life

Making work fit your lifestyle isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do. A business is completely different from being employed and isn’t a good fit for everyone. Your business should be enjoyable to you but also mesh with the other things in your life that are most important. Evaluating each part of your life and the business ideas that you find attractive until you find one that feels good is the best way to start. Don’t forget that it will be work and you may find some aspects of running a business uncomfortable. Not all of us are adept at marketing or speaking to potential customers on the phone. Not all businesses are run this way and if you are the introvert type, do some research into what is out there for you.

Understanding your motivation for wanting your own business is the most important thing. If you have always wanted to run a business but never had the time until now, then this may be the time to go for it. If you already have a lot of interests and hobbies and would prefer they remain that way, then perhaps you should think again before getting started. Lifestyle fit is one of the most important things to consider if you do go into business. You want whatever you do to be enjoyable and also give you a sense of achievement, fulfillment and success.

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