If you work from a home office and have children, you will eventually have to work with the kids around at some point.

These days many entrepreneurs and business owners make the choice to work from home, either on full or part time basis.  Even if their children are old enough to be in school – there are still holidays, breaks and sick days to consider…

If you have the support of a team, you may be able to take time off while the kids are at home, but what about solopreneurs or business emergencies that only you can rectify?

Plan in advance.

By planning ahead, you can aim to address everything essential on your agenda to get as much off of your plate in advance as possible.  This will help to free up your time to spend more with your children.

Emergencies may still arise, but you’ll be better suited to handle them with a clear agenda.

Try to schedule for work time and play time to achieve a healthy work and family balance.

Educate your children.

Your children may not understand that you are working when you’re at home.  They see you as parents, not entrepreneurs or business owners.

Educating them about what you do will engage them in the process, and help them to understand what you are doing and why sometimes you can’t be disturbed.

By helping them to understand the world of business at an early age, you might also inspire them to become the next Steve Jobs!

Keep your office space separate.

If you are working in the same place where you have family activities, it can be hard for children to understand when you are working versus when it’s their time.

Having a separate office space will help your children to understand that when you’re in that area of the house, you are working.

Not playing where you work will also help you to separate from your work.

Have fun!

Our families are a blessing.  Make sure to schedule time for family adventures whenever you can.

Getting out to have some fun with your kids will give you a break from work and allow you to come back feeling refreshed.  Your kids will also work off some their excess energy, so you’ll have time to catch up on any outstanding work if need be.

If you ever start to feel frustrated by interruptions or distractions, remember that you are blessed to be able to spend as much time with your children as possible.  They really do ‘grow up so fast’.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend extra time with their family.


Tamara Smith

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