We’ve all heard the expression – work smarter, not harder but this is especially important if your office is in your home. You’ve already taken the first step to smart working by physically leaving behind the typical office but your emotional connection to ‘going to work’ may still be there. How do you make the transition?

Set priorities and boundaries
Take advantage of having the luxury of an office in your home and don’t continue to live your life as if you are still working in a cubicle. Bring more enjoyment into your work day by locating your office space in a comfortable area or making a once not so comfortable area a unique place to work in.
Even with an office in an apartment, you can still take advantage of a desk near a window, plants, your favourite background music. Make your work area a place where it’s easy to concentrate with prints, wall hangings, a small waterfall. The list is as varied as the personalities of entrepreneurs.

For the busiest days I have a small mini exercise cycle that fits under my desk. Sitting for longer periods of time without getting the movement I need is not an option.

Remember, this is your office, take ownership of it. Make sure that others are aware that this is your space and your work time, they are not to interrupt you except for emergencies.

Other benefits

One of the greatest perks when you work from home is cooking your own meals. This brings huge health benefits over the typical lunch at a workplace. Planning your meals ahead of time helps to keep you focused on your work and many small breaks throughout the day for small snacks instead of large meals keeps your energy level high.

Another benefit and one of the best is being able to take time during your day to get outside, go for a walk, do any necessary errands that need to be done on your schedule. After all, it is your business, your office and your workday.

What it means

Planning is important when you work from home. Organize your day before you begin. At some point, after being your own boss for awhile, you will finally realize that you have created the perfect working/home life for you. And how much is that worth?

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