Working with a professional virtual assistant or team requires a collaborative effort. Since this may be a new experience for you, in order to ease into a remote working relationship with other professionals, follow these tips to make the transition easier:

  1. Realize that a professional virtual team needs only the important background information for the job you need done. Go over the details with them and then leave them alone. Constant hovering or asking questions can ruin any working relationship that you are forging together
  2. They are not employees. Think of it as a partnership, people working together.
  3. Follow the rules. A pre-written contract outlining everything that is to be done by the team you have hired is a necessity. Conversely, it’s best if there is also a list of things which won’t be done by your virtual team.
  4. Before signing on, make sure your values are similar. This will make for a better professional, working relationship.
  5. Go local. Though they may work remotely, a local (same city, province or country) team will have more in common with you. Their business background should be similar to yours.
  6. Trust them. An ongoing part of your relationship with the team you work with is being able to trust each other. Without this, neither of you will be able to move ahead.
  7. Learn together. True professionals are always educating themselves and this is something to look for when you are hiring an assistant or assistants. What are their interests? What do they want to know more about? What can they teach you? What can you teach them? An interest in learning new things is a sign that you have picked the right team.
  8. Ask questions. What has their past experience taught them in regard to business practises? How could this knowledge help you and your business?
  9. Be realistic. There will be a learning curve for all involved in your business.
  10. Have fun! Being an entrepreneur is supposed to be enjoyable. There will be times when you are frustrated and find the work difficult but would you have it any other way?

The search for a  professional team to work alongside you may take some time, but they are out there.


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