A web based collaboration tool for business, PBWorks sets up quickly and offers security and high performance for your team. Members of your team can create pages of content, documents and files which can be shared. With document management, your files can be converted to workspace pages that can be edited; all changes can be reversed. Each user has their own personal dashboard and can add people from outside of your company as guest users with limited access to specific content. With live editing, voice collaboration and real time chat, assignable tasks and milestones, projects can be managed and accessed from anywhere. $20 per user per month.


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Labelled social software, Socialtext is a combination collaboration tool, activity stream filter and micro blogging/social networking platform. Knowledge can be shared through Wiki Workspaces and collaborative blogs which create a hub of ideas on important topics. The Socialtext dashboard is a personal start page from which your content can be collected from the various pages. Links can be set up to give you quick access to your most needed information and keep you up to date on your projects.  With spreadsheets that can be interlinked and software tools to keep your team synchronized, members can be kept informed of important data minute by minute. Pricing is per user and per software appliance.


Both of these online collaboration tools help increase team output and expedite information sharing. Because they are accessible anywhere, virtual team members can utilize them to track what other members of their team are working on.