The Internet is chalk-full of lists of characteristics that entrepreneurs must either possess or gain in order to be successful. However, not many of those lists will outline some characteristics that won’t get entrepreneurs far in their businesses. Here are four characteristics that successful entrepreneurs cannot let get the better of them.

1.    Being Obsessive

You may have heard this term on one of those many other lists, which is: successful entrepreneurs know how to delegate. With that, obsessive entrepreneurs have a hard time letting go. This characteristic can seriously hurt your productivity if you become overburdened. In addition to that, obsessing over every little detail is tiring! Learning to not stress about everything opens to door to the elusive “work-life” balance that every entrepreneur chases.

2.    Being Self-Righteous

Yes, you’ve started your own business and yes, things are going well, but like with laws, there are precedents in entrepreneurship that you should pay attention to. Even if you’re starting a business that’s never been seen before, there are baselines for building a business that should be followed. Find a mentor with similar business ideas to you and don’t be afraid to learn from them! As the old adage goes, two heads are better than one.

3.    Being Fearless

Being fearless, while enticing, will probably get you in more trouble. By staying cautious about your business objectives, you also keep yourself realistic. It’s okay to be afraid about expansion and taking a different direction – embrace that fear! It will help you keep your wits about it and sharpen your instincts for taking calculated risks.

4.    Being Predictable

You’re an entrepreneur! Which inevitably means you are not a sheep that follows the herd. This is just a casual reminder to continue doing what you do best: being unpredictable. You’ve always found a way to creatively put yourself ahead of the rest but when you’re tired or a little frustrated, don’t let yourself slip into following what the other people in your field are doing.


Luckily, if you’re already aware of the characteristics it takes to make a great entrepreneur, chances are you won’t have too many of these in your system. If you find yourself leaning towards them, it might be a good idea to take a step back and reassess how you’re handling your business. Until them, just keep doing what you’re doing!


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