4 Ways to Expand Your Business Using a Virtual TeamRecruiting and Coaching Employees

The present job market is in a state of flux and many small business owners don’t have the knowledge to ask the important questions that will help them find the perfect employee(s). A virtual team is current on technology and administration as well as other necessary requirements for small businesses and they can help you find just the right person for each job. If any of your present employees are excellent at what they do but have yet to reach their full potential, a member of the team can work with them to help them achieve their maximum performance levels. Coaching may be something that you aren’t familiar with but it is the best way to work with a high quality staff and through mentoring and counselling, support them in reaching their goals.

Making Your Presence Known

Many businesses use social media and would like to use it more effectively. While there are at least ten major and well known social media sites, not all will work well with your business. Where can your business use social media most effectively? Virtual teams are well versed in all forms of social media as they work with it extensively. Putting your time and energy into areas where it will work best for you is something they can help with.

Setting and Tracking Your Goals

It’s very easy, once your business starts to grow, to let your business plans slide. Setting short term goals is every bit as important as what you are looking for long term. Work with a specialized virtual assistant to put a plan in place, one that includes keeping track of each small goal on your way to meeting the big ones. Celebrating the small steps gives you the boost to keep moving forward. Goal setting not only helps you recognize your direction but it also gives you motivation. You can measure your progress and focus on the most important points.

Client Follow up

The most common reason for a business to stagnate or even lose customers is through lack of follow up. Even if you already have a method in place to contact your customers after a sale, consistency is what will keep them coming back. A virtual team has processes in place to contact customers in such a way that you will find out what they like about your company and also what you could do to improve it and this is what business owners rarely hear. You want to know what your customers really think of your products and services.


Finding the perfect team to work with is easier if you contact a company with experience and enough virtual members to ensure your needs are met. Look over the services that the DemGen team offers to pick and choose what will work best for your business.


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