1. Truly Know Yourself and Your Business

Be sure you’re running your business and it’s not running you.

It seems like it goes without saying, but many entrepreneurs that contact us have lost sight of their overall purpose and master plan in focusing on day-to-day business operations.

What was your original vision when you started your business? Who are your ideal clients? Are you focusing on the big picture or getting lost in operating activities?

Growing your business can become a bit of a curse, especially when it begins to grow beyond your current capabilities and you reach your ceiling.

To continue your growth without limitations, it is essential that you know the core focus of your business, as well as your own focus. You started the business and are responsible for its success. Your time should be spent focusing on the business building activities that only you can do.

Having a clear picture of your own unique skills and of the master plan for your business is essential to maximizing your growth potential.

2. Enlist Help

You don’t have to go it alone!

Once you’ve identified the operational duties that are uniquely tailored to your strengths and are clear on the future vision for your business, you can easily delegate tasks to your employees to enable your business to grow and expand.

Entrepreneurs we’ve spoken with are often very close to their businesses and are in the habit of doing everything themselves. There is only so much time in a day and so much one person is capable of accomplishing. Going it alone limits the growth potential for your business.

By starting with the first step above, truly knowing yourself and your business, you can easily get new employees up to speed and delegate tasks that are not your unique skills.

Your time is valuable and should be consciously targeted on the activities that help grow your business.

3. Think Out of The Box

Developments in technology provide many ways to save you time and money!

Learning the required tools to keep pace with constantly evolving methodologies can detract you from your optimal focus on your own unique skills.

Consider hiring virtual support. Full-time staffing is a way of the past. There are numerous blogs, articles and webinars promoting the benefits of going ‘virtual’. The bottom line is: it will save you time and money.

Virtual staffing charges only for the time actually spent on your business tasks and it is always scheduled at your discretion. You don’t pay for breaks, lunches, time spent surfing the web or on Facebook, as you would with typical in-house, full-time employees.

Virtual assistance can be outsourced very cheaply, especially for the completion of simple but time consuming tasks – the very things you should avoid doing yourself.

If your goal is to grow your business to the next level, hiring an online team with complementary business development skills will pay for itself many times over. Once you effectively communicate your business goals to your virtual project management team, they take care of the rest! You don’t need to keep pace with the newest technology, because their experts will handle that (It’s their genius ability!).

The entrepreneur’s job seems to be never-ending, but that doesn’t have to be the case when you delegate any sales, marketing, customer service and operational activities that you don’t love doing.

You started your business for a reason! Keep your vision clearly focused and enjoy the journey your way!