outstanding  There are some businesses that once you walk in the building or speak with one of the employees or the owner, there is an immediate feeling of comfort, ease and luxury. It’s as if every possible attention to detail has been covered and once you leave, you know that you will return. What is it that makes these businesses stand out from the others?

Impeccable manners. The ability to build relationships, small and large, important and unimportant, has been put at the top of this businesses must do list. They treat everyone with the same degree of politeness, no matter who they are. The owner, the employees, everyone associated with the business has been brought up and had it bred into them, that under all circumstances, you must be polite.

Humbleness. Nothing is worse than dealing with someone who thinks so highly of themselves that they have no time to think of you. The belief that the customer is always right may not necessarily be right, but you wouldn’t know it by speaking with anyone at this business. They are always ready to hear what you have to say, correct any mistakes and take responsibility.

Customer service with a smile. So few people who deal with the public have the true ability to actually look at the people they are dealing with and even less have a sense of humor. That business that you envy makes sure to only have people around with the right attitude. It makes their customers comfortable and also makes it a fun place to work.

Sharing resources. Smart business owners know that to stand out above other companies like theirs, they need to be the “go to” business for their products. They aren’t afraid to share information with their customers or other businesses and this makes them trustworthy. Providing services that educate your customers and a website where they can ask questions or give opinions and suggestions helps your business to be seen as one that is smart and knowledgeable.

Filling a niche. While many businesses offer the same thing, it’s the smart business owner who looks around and finds out what is missing in their market. They ask their customers questions and their answers and feedback help with innovation within the business. Who can  your business help that up until now has been ignored or not thought of? What niche can you fill by innovation of your products? The opportunities are there.

Next time you deal with a business online or walk in a store, take the time to really notice how you feel when dealing with the companies you purchase from. Make it a habit to reward the outstanding ones by giving them your loyalty.

© Chris Draper, DemGen Inc. 2015

image courtesy of bekahbrunstetter