With the proliferation of blogs on the internet and small businesses interested in starting a blog, which one is the best for your business?

I won’t go into hosted or self-hosted in this post since that is a personal preference and there are many pros and cons for both.


Easy to download and install, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms.

With a huge variety of free themes, widgets and plugins, you can set up a professional looking blog in a short time.

One unique feature available for your WordPress blog is the all in one SEO pack. Simple to use, it will generate META tags and optimize your titles for search engines. You can also include keywords and descriptions for each page and post on your blog.


Used by businesses and for personal blogs, TypePad has integration with Twitter and Facebook. If you are looking for something a little easier to set up, there is a free Micro blog available.

TypePad also has a direct blog from your mobile phone feature and it’s own analytics. Set your blog up as a website by adding web pages with your own customized design.

One of the most popular additions to TypePad is the Blog It bookmarklet. It enables you to blog as you read web pages, post videos, share photos and favourite sites.


Easy to use and popular as a free blog, Blogger is constantly evolving, as it is powered by Google. At last count, it was available in 41 languages and has a list of ways to post including from your mobile or iGoogle page.

These are just three of the most popular blogging platforms available. You can also check out Blogware, Movable Type, open source Drupal and Gawker Media among others.