client spotlight dan newcomb1.  Since we last interviewed you, what developments have there been with your business?

My business has been subject to pending governmental changes over the last 9 months which would significantly change my business model.  In addition, we have added in a new revenue stream to our current operation.

2.  What trends in business did you notice last year?

Overall, the business climate was strong, however, there seemed to be a significant lag time with clients making final decisions on purchases.  More often then not, Buyers are scouring the market looking for an alternate solution.

3.  What was your biggest accomplishment last year?

My biggest accomplishment in 2015 was our ability to utilize improve performance and increase profitability by 50% without sacrificing sales.

4.  What is your biggest goal for next year?

Grow alternate sources of Revenue without adding debt.

5.  What services do you utilize DemGen’s virtual team for?

Marketing, Telemarketing, Infusionsoft consulting.

6.  How has working with DemGen’s virtual team helped support your business growth?

I am confident that DemGen has the resources that I need, on demand, without having to invest time and money into building out a team.


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