framed-Gloria Forcier picWorking in the virtual realm, it’s helpful for us to share more about our team, so you have the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level.

We’d like to introduce you to Gloria…

Gloria has over 25 years of combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience.  She has had great success as a project manager, team leader, coach, facilitator and business consultant.  She joined DemGen to allow her genius abilities to flourish all the more through the potential to delegate the tasks she didn’t enjoy with her own business – just like we do for our clients!

With DemGen, Gloria acts as a Business Vision Advisor and Project Manager to assist our clients in establishing their top business priorities and the strategies required to meet their goals.  She helps to coach our clients to help them realize their dreams – as soon as possible.

Gloria believes that the key to success for anyone or any business is being able to look at any situation, task or problem holistically. If you can get a vision of the entire picture and the impact to others, you can always come up with a solution. This also gives you what you need to easily break the solution into smaller, manageable piece parts to ensure ongoing success and a sense of accomplishment for everyone involved. She is also a firm believer that every problem has a solution and everything happens for a reason.

In her own words: “Everything happens for a reason (good & bad) sometimes it takes years before you can truly understand  why something happened however it will eventually come to light!”

Working at DemGen has provided me the ability to leverage my skillsets to help clients and learn from them along the way.  At the same time, with the privilege of  working in an open, honest & friendly environment that allows you to be your unique self.
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