Born of creative ideas, the desire for independence, circumstantial necessity and myriad other points of conception, entrepreneurial ventures come in all shapes and sizes. Self-employment is not the prevailing pattern these days and contemplating that “path less traveled” is uncomfortable for many people.

In order to explain it a myth has been born. Can an individual carve out a niche and thrive on the entrepreneurial fruits of that labour without having some substantial seed money? Some deep pockets must surely be behind each success story, or so perpetrators of this myth would have us all believe!

Note: Success as an entrepreneur is not correlated with start-up funds.

The scripting of this prevailing myth has its root in three roles. First, there is the person who wonders after the fact. What happened? He or she didn’t show up and take notice until the venture company’s fledgling growth stage was essentially over and then made assumptions based on the entrepreneur’s success. Seeing only the abundant fruits of the company’s labour, an assumption is made that the road to success was paved with the gold bricks of a venture capitalist or perhaps with a substantial inheritance.

The second role in the money myth is the person who watches what happens and remains in disbelief about the series of events which he or she clearly witnessed. How could this happen? The observer marvels at the sequence that led to the success story. Due to prevailing cultural beliefs about the unlikelihood of this possibility, this person arrives at a comfortable explanation and perpetuates the myth. Surely the entrepreneur must have had something tucked away to invest, some hidden financial source that would make this successful occurrence remotely possible.

The third player takes the leading role in this mythological drama: the entrepreneur! Hard-work, creative input and immersion in the daily challenges that make the self-determined enterprise be the successful venture that it is, keep the entrepreneur at the top of the game. Fully present in each moment of intuitive choice, discerning next directions, creating wider networks and planning for new possibilities, the entrepreneur may not take the time to recount the winding path to this point in the journey. The moment is commanding its own attention and pointing the way toward the next successful milestone. Taking time to tell the story is not priority one.

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It’s time to dispel the myth that money matters most and give credit to ingenuity, self-reliance, dependable delivery of goods and services, establishing a niche, and the valuable human connections that further mutual goals. From these originate the true seed capital of the entrepreneurial success story, the proven answers to the What? and the How? Success stories, closely examined, dispel the money myth surrounding entrepreneurial ventures.

Now that the myth is dispelled and the possibilities acknowledged, perhaps the better question to pose is: When? Is it your time to move into the leading role? The Genius Ability team at DemGen will assist you to realize your own entrepreneurial goals!