Among the ranks of many successful entrepreneurs are those who received unconditional support from friends and family members along the way. While this may characterize the unique success stories of entrepreneurial teenagers and children, it is not the norm for most of us. In fact, stories of endorsements and moral support from family and friends are quite often the exception.

Late-Arriving Support in Abundance

How easy it is to have a supportive attitude when noting the success of bravely individualistic family members or friends! Praise and confidence are generously heaped on the one who “made it” in business after the fact is observed.

What kind of attitude did the same caring friends and family display in the early stages of the entrepreneur’s start-up? Often the prevailing commentary is cautionary, pessimistic, and discouraging – anything but supportive. There are understandable reasons why this is a common reaction from those who are close to us.

When a person we care about is about to make a big mistake, we want to give him or her some warning based on our own experiences or that which we have gathered from our inherited cultural beliefs. What we want most of all is to spare them the pain and loss they may suffer from potential misfortune. Anything could happen!

The unproven path may have untold hazards.

But what are these beliefs if not mere myths? We cannot possibly know what will transpire in any given circumstance. Each person’s own business experience will be realized in time. Meanwhile the possibilities and the unknown potential before that experience occurs are infinite, are they not? Anything could happen!


The unproven path may have untold rewards.

When friends and family members urge you toward the safe and secure directions in life and their attitude is less than supportive of your business dreams, accept the fact that they want the best for you. Then remember that what counts more than their attitude is your own attitude, your own confidence, and your own encouragement of yourself.

"A great attitude is not the result of success; success is the result of a great attitude."

-Earl Nightingale.

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