Established in 1981, The Great Little Box Company knows that their success is due to teamwork. Owned by Robert Meggy who purchased it at the young age of 35, in the midst of a recession, it’s a shining example of a business that thinks just a little differently from your run of the mill company.

What do they do? They make cardboard boxes. Not a particularly exciting product but a necessary one. And that is why this company is so interesting. Just because they don’t provide the most interesting service or product available, doesn’t mean they don’t stand out in other ways.

The largest regional firm in Western Canada, the employees believe in high quality customer service, and James Palmer, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing has a motto: “If you keep your staff happy, they will keep your customers happy.”

The owners believe that teamwork is one of the most important ways to attract and keep the best employees. When people work well together and understand each other’s jobs, they become better at their own jobs and make fewer mistakes.

The Great Little Box Company makes sure that all who work there are involved in the business. They recognize the effort each employee puts into their work and they also share information with them. They want their employees to feel that they are part of the company.

Robert wants the employees to run the company just as if it was their own business. Professional and personal achievements are recognized and celebrated. All departments are given financial incentives, which are paid weekly, one of the most important performance management tools available as far as the owners are concerned as it makes the employees feel appreciated.

Employees also fill out a yearly survey, with more than 50 questions, asking them what they want most and also what they think of their salary. It helps the owners to keep a close eye on the pulse of their company, for where would it be without their employees?

Did these things make a difference?

“In a few months, we really started turning around because we had a whole series of initiatives we were carrying out to change things,” said Robert.

The Great Little Box Company is one of those companies that stands out because it believes in giving back and community initiatives. This year they are helping with a special project that will provide sports equipment for the young people of Smokey Mountain, an incredibly poor area outside of Manila, which is actually a garbage dump. They have committed to providing enough boxes to pack the gear which will be shipped there.

Continuing to grow, The Great Little Box Company is one of a few that due to producing a necessary product and also realizing that employees make the company, has actually flourished in this economy. The spirit of the owner as well as those who work there have created a business that is unique it its ability to balance what their customers need and what their employees deserve.

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