There are many classes in many societies.  And over the centuries “the creative class” has been viewed with a mixed attitude.  Certainly some highs, yet probably more lows.  Then there’s the whole what is the definition of the creative class, again I’d say many interpretations.  I haven’t researched this over time or even looked into the cursory viewpoint from the top Google picks.  This is simply my impression.

To me, the modern day “creative class” is someone who creates.  This can be books, art, dance, photography, music, architecture and business.  Something that can be appreciated, viewed, consumed by another.  Then there’s the whole “valuation” of the creative piece:  why are some painting worth $5. While others are $5,000,000, same for books or anything else.  Same goes for information marketers with product launches, some (many) flop while others consistently earn “reportedly” in the millions.

A few questions to spark your creative outlet in business:

Is the art, book, information better? Or is it the packaging or rather the art of packaging, promoting and marketing?  More questions than answers here.  My sense is that if it comes from the heart, versus being forced or coerced in some way, you will find your audience just as they will find you and respond positively.

So in business, are you creating from the heart?  Are you expressing your authentic skills and creating value to the market?  I feel creating is why we are here, to express our skills and create.


Gary Evans

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