Making the change to a home office can often lead to a business person feeling as if they are out of the loop when it comes to contacts, marketing themselves as well as marketing their business.

There are a few important things that can help make the change less awkward and keep you moving onward and upward.

Improve your website
Make your website visible, easy to use and bold. A blog as a website may be a good idea as it is easier to build and maintain without special coding skills and can also hold multiple pages.

Build your online reputation
Social media can be a boon to your business if used correctly. Blog posts added to Facebook and Twitter bring the right types of contacts to your business.

Advertise locally
Never forget the value of your own area and the reputation you build there. Some of your best contacts can be those you see every day and advertising locally can be much cheaper than trying to cover a large area.

Ask questions
One of the best ways you can market your business is also one of the most obvious. Get out there and ask people what they want. While you can’t be all things to everyone, you will at least be able to put your finger on what is the most important to the most people. Make yourself the answer to their needs and the fixer of their problems.

Choose your trade shows
While many put a lot of stock in attending trade shows, most businesses will find that they become lost in the general confusion of so many choices and alternatives. Pick the shows that are specific to your niche and make your pitch brief, to the point and memorable while still being professional.

Do your research
Spend your time online wisely. Keep up to date with current trends in your industry but don’t carry this too far. Not everyone appreciates or wants the newest, trendiest thing available. Be the reliable business that people can count on.

Keep it simple.

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