Starting a new business from your home is difficult enough without having to worry about the necessary tools at start-up. Now that entrepreneurs have the ability to connect remotely in so many ways, reaching business associates, customers, mentors and co-workers has never been easier.

Your website serves as the central hub for all activities, the most powerful tool that you have at your disposal. More people will visit your website than will pick up the phone, talk to your sales crew, visit your business location or read any of your printed materials. The key is to be customer-focused in your website design; customers visit to solve a problem. Great websites attract the specific audience that your company serves so educate, provide tips and help the customer find solutions. Strong calls-to-action that appeal to buyers at all stages of the purchasing cycle will entice customers to visit often and take the next steps when they are ready.

Skype and similar web-based communication systems make real-time video conferencing a breeze. Increasingly, companies of all sizes institute no-travel policies and replace face-to-face meetings – and all the incumbent expenses – with web-based video communications. Anyone with an internet connection has the ability to access these tools.

The social web can strategically deepen intimacy with your customers. Tools such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to listen, understand and share with greater ease. Businesses are being transformed by maintaining valuable social web dialogue from which they learn and take appropriate action. Business sites such as Linked-In provide valuable connections, as well as professional recommendations, dialogue groups and event notifications.

Internet-based project management tools such as Dropbox and Basecamp make collaboration easy and efficient. File sharing, time tracking, setting/reaching milestones and sending messages are all accomplished through these web-accessed tools.

Safe and secure web-based payment options, such as Interac and PayPal, eliminate printing, mailing, and paper work in payroll/financial transactions. An additional advantage is that the funds are immediately available. If deposits are required before you start a project, you can have them in your bank account within minutes of your agreement.

As your business grows, check into more options available online for invoicing, contact IMG_2263management and other aspects of your business. Having web based tools available at your fingertips makes working from your home office just that much easier.






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