Outsourcing – Having someone outside of your business or company provide services that are usually done by someone within.

• Money saving

When you hire workers with their own home office, you no longer have to purchase equipment, additional phone and fax lines. There isn’t payroll to take care of along with all of the other tasks that come with having on-site employees such as supply purchasing and use of office space. Time is saved by not having to train employees. A virtual worker will have all the training you would need and more.

• Less Worry

Many business owners are in a constant state of stress and disorganization. Too many small details that need to be taken care of every day lead to lost business when you are unable to focus on the big picture of running the business. Outsourcing lets you spend time on the work you enjoy the most. Customer follow up, one of the most important aspects of any business, is forgotten. A virtual team, skilled with customers, can build your business.

• Cost

Work which is finished more quickly and with a higher degree of concentration = better quality, higher accuracy and lower cost as it doesn’t have to be done again or checked over by a manager. Virtual workers quite often have extensive on-site experience at several previous jobs and are capable of handling a long list of varying tasks.

• Packaging

For the clients who have various needs, an assistant located off-site can provide packaged services suited to their business. Whether you need databases maintained and updated; fliers and advertising arranged and sent; travel arrangements made or customers contacted professionally, this can all be done by a virtual worker at less cost and with better results.

• Services

Hiring one team can provide you with the services that are usually covered by a great number of employees. Remote workers tend to be trained in many skills, have more up to date qualifications and get things done faster as they are focusing on their work, not on the gossip floating around the office. Which leads to cost savings.

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Examples of services which you can outsource:

Business cards and fliers
Travel arrangements
Database maintenance and integrity
Writing, blogging, social media updates
Customer service and leads
Appointment setting
Correspondence and remote reception
Membership renewals and upgrades
After hours services