Committing yourself to successfully creating a business which revolves around your lifestyle involves certain choices and behaviours.

The first choice will be one of setting boundaries that others in your life may not understand, particularly your family. Though there is a lot of talk regarding boundaries, sticking to them will take loads of willpower and the motivation to succeed.

Motivation will also include balancing life responsibilities as well as those of your business. If you are in this all alone, you will be walking a fine line that at any time could reach a tipping point if you don’t take care of yourself first.

Decide what inspires you, what techniques you can use for relaxation. Surround yourself with the means to power down at the end of your workday and learn to use alone time to your best advantage. One problem that many entrepreneurs run into is guilt from not spending enough time with friends or family. Trying to cram too many things into your time off can leave you exhausted and unable to concentrate on your business or have fun when you aren’t working.

Realize that you have choices, some of which are going to be difficult. If necessary, organize your off work hours so you fit in time for yourself as well as others in your life. Include physical recreation, as a lazy body leads to a lazy mind. With the growth of your business and the accompanying increase in your income, you can afford to outsource some of your work and not do it all yourself, leaving more time for you.

It takes courage to grow a business to the point where you do have those choices. Choose wisely, make those choices your own and don’t limit yourself to the same way of doing things. Grow with your business, keep up with the trends and pick only those that fit into your lifestyle. This is what having a successful business is all about!

Don’t forget, this is your business and your life. There will be others that want you to tag along for their dream and their lifestyle. Making your own lifestyle choices should always come first.

Don’t be afraid of success!


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photo by Mark Boisclair, Boisclair Photography