1.    Outline your mandatory must-haves.

Every business has goals they’d like to achieve – corporations have mandatory goals, or “must-haves” that must be met throughout the year in order for them to be deemed successful. If it works for a corporation, why shouldn’t it work for you?

Sit down and take time to assess what your business needs to succeed, and build those ideas into your mandatory must-haves. The DemGen Future Vision Map can help you realize clarity in what goals you should be working towards. Once you’ve decided upon them, your future goals, projects, growths, to do lists and activities should all match up accordingly.

What do you want your business to achieve this year? Do you want to increase visibility? Do you want to receive more feedback on current projects? Outline your mandatory must-haves and begin focusing on meeting those “must-haves” every month, or quarter.

2.    Reposition your time and resources

As leaders, our time is valuable! At this point in the game, your time and resources should be allocated and strategically delegated to projects that are revenue generating. Delegation, as always, is key here.

If you find yourself spending two hours scanning through reports looking for important information, have someone from your team scan through them first and highlight the most important parts so you can get through them quickly.

3.    Constant evaluation and monitoring is necessary

When trying to grow your business, you know you can’t just leave things to the happenstance. As tedious as it sounds, measuring and monitoring areas like revenue, sales, marketing, visibility, and productivity is extremely important.

By constantly refreshing your knowledge about where you stand in all of these areas, you can spot weaknesses and threats before they become a larger problem. Working with a virtual team with experience in monitoring and evaluating will help you notice patterns of what’s working, and what’s not, and help pinpoint exactly where you need to make changes.

4.    Build a team of top talent players

Big business CEO’s know that a jack-of-all-trades generally means a master of none. Hiring one person to manage, and complete, all your miscellaneous tasks isn’t going to help your business grow. They are likely to become overwhelmed and that just pushes tasks back onto your plate.

With business platforms changing constantly, a virtual team will offer a group of top talent with specialties in a variety of areas. Virtual teams also mean you don’t have to worry about the office space, and can trust your team to be motivated and focused.

Of course, these changes can’t be implemented immediately. Over time though, and with the help of your team, you’ll see your business changing in ways you had only imagined!

pam christie, chief operations officer, demgen




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