All successful businesses begin with an idea.

Some may say the “idea” comes from nothing – out of the clear blue sky.  Others believe there’s no longer any such thing as a truly original idea.  My sense is that all ‘new’ ideas are inspired by the collective consciousness of all visionary thought leaders, scientists, and creators, past and present.  Our inspiration then comes through our knowledge of da Vinci, van Gogh, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, and the Coen Brothers. Now that’s an exciting starting point!

Here’s how I see that original inspiration playing out… Once that idea takes form in an entrepreneur’s mind, we begin to fall in love. That spark of inspiration is what leads your business to become your top priority and your ‘baby’.

It’s that drive/love that leads you to turn a small business “idea” into a “real business”.

This falling in love phase seems to be closely followed by the “perception” of stress in running a “real business”. (I say “perception”, because it is only an idea. That idea can be changed or modified to suit you and your customers better at any time. Ideas are fun, actually implementing them is the hard part.)

Hence, the feeling of falling out of love with your business beckons. I have personally experienced this feeling of falling in and out of love several times with all of the companies I have created.

As we enter Q4, I’d like to invite you to take a step back to ask yourself: Are you currently in love with your business?  If your answer is yes, CONGRATULATIONS, I believe your clients, team and prospects will pick up on that energy and it will lead to more and more abundance and love.

If however your answer is no, then you probably feel overwhelmed with no free time and aren’t sure how to keep all of the balls in the air. (It appears to be one of the rights of passage for any successful entrepreneur.) Alicia Keys has a great song that sings to this falling in and out of love.

Having a healthy and loving relationship with you business is your most important focus as an entrepreneur. You are the leader and visionary responsible for setting the course for your business. If you’re not feeling the love, no one else will.

Luckily, the common cause for these issues can be easily cured… Stop trying to do it all yourself! Realize that your business has progressed and your strategies need to follow suit. I feel the biggest cause to feeling out of love with your business is when you are not doing the stuff you love to do as much as the other stuff. As your business grows, your team must do the same or you will end up uninspired and unhappy.

If you’re feeling business related guilt in any form, it’s a sign that your business has grown beyond you. Congratulations!

Maybe it’s even gone as far as cheating on your business, you are looking for other things you can do?

Your next step is to fall back in love with your business and establish healthy boundaries. Build your dream team that will take your ideal business vision and bring it into reality while taking on the tasks that are not your genius ability.

We invite you to connect with us to discuss your vision and how we can support you.

Gary Evans

Chief Growth Officer

P.S.  Don’t forget, as you were inspired, you will so inspire!  As your business grows others will soon follow your lead and start on their journey down their own entrepreneurial path…