Once the first several weeks of September are over, the students are back in school and the adults have returned to their autumn routines, many of us hit a sudden slump after the rush of activities have been attended to. Keeping your energy up and focused can be as easy as deciding what’s most important to you over the next several months.

Make a list for the upcoming season. This can be anything from projects around the house to Christmas lists to indoor recreational activities such as books, games and get to-gethers.

Wrap up what you can. The remainder of the leaves are falling from the trees and those of us with gardens are putting them to bed for the winter. This is a good time to not only plant bulbs for the spring but also come up with gardening ideas for the following year and goals we wish to attain. It’s also time to complete other projects for this year and finish up what we want to accomplish for 2012.

Take a short getaway. Autumn is a beautiful time to spend a day or two travelling close to home. The autumn colors are starting and if you live in Ontario, you have a week left to take your last trip on the Northlander train which is a comfortable way to see a large part of Ontario at the best time of the year. After September 28th, this huge part of Ontario’s history will be gone.

Start a new business. Yard clean up is popular at this time of year and many people hire professional organizers for their homes and their businesses. Any type of cleaning business is always in demand, including closing up cottages for the winter.

Whatever you decide on, take advantage of the cooler, crisper days, get out there and you’ll find your energy levels rising!

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