In many areas, spring is well on its way and for quite a few of us, it is just sluggishly beginning. Whatever the weather may be in your part of the world, spring is the time for fresh beginnings and many small business owners take it upon themselves to look long and hard at their businesses to see how they can present a fresh face to their customers.

A good place to start is your website. Is it beginning to look outdated and no longer reflects your business accurately? Spring is the time to focus on the details that can show your business as it really is, because after all, just like everything else, your business isn’t stagnant and your customers like to hear about updates. Make sure it is easy to use and attractive. At the same time, check your links and update your social media pages.

Redesign your long term goals. While the winter season may be the time for reflection, by this time of the year, you’re ready for action. Update your goals, especially those that are more than five years out, so they align with your present direction for your business. Perceptions change with time and what you may have thought of as a great concept for your business last year could quite possibly have made a 180 degree turn by this year.

Most small businesses have email lists for their newsletters and updates to their current clients. Check your contact information for these customers. A phone call is always a great way to remind your customers that you’re still thinking of them and at the same time you can get their opinions on what they’d like to see in new products and services. While you’re at it, remember to reward your most loyal customers with a free giveaway of some type or a special offer.

Decide how your feelings have changed regarding your business. Business owners have an intimate and intricately complicated relationship with their companies and over time, this can turn into feelings of resentment or boredom. If either of these sound like you, then it’s time to concentrate on what you can do to make your business something you love spending time on again. It can be as simple as taking a vacation or can run to a complete overhaul.

Spring can mean whatever you like but for many, it means clean and there is nowhere this is more obvious than your business. Organization, focus, negativity – they all show up in what you do and how you do it. Put your processes in place and stick to them, be prepared, and next year, at the same time, you may find that you have a lot less work to do.

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image courtesy of carefulcents